2020-2021 ASSP CWC Nominations/Elections Committee

Corinna Kupelwieser is chairing the nominating committee this year.  Additional members of the committee are past presidents Guy Silvey and Paula Jones, and presidential appointee Brittany Johnson.  Descriptions of board positions can be found in the Chapter Bylaws.

There are many benefits to being on the board including:

  • Networking…build a great group of go-to resources!
  • Professional Development.  Upcoming leaders have the opportunity to travel to Chicago of the Society Leadership Development Program.
  • Regional Meetings.  The VP, President-Elect, and President have the opportunity to travel to the Regional Operating Committee meetings and extend their network regionwide.  You’ll meet some society staff, possibly get recruited onto a society committee, and occasionally travel somewhere pretty cool.
  • You’ll gain skills in meeting protocol (Robert’s Rules), following Bylaws, teamwork and decision-making.
  • It’s a great experience…really!

Please reach out to any committee member if you are interested in running for the chapter board.  Nominations will be published by February 6th and the e-ballots will be available March 8th – April 2nd.

Corinna Kupelwieser | Comittee Chair

Guy Silvey | Committee Member

Paula Jones | Committee Member

Brittany Johnson | Committee Member