Delegates to Vote on Changes to Society Bylaws

Sep 10, 2018

This October CWC House of Delegates Dan Getschow and Aubrey Sakaguchi have been requested to cast votes representing the Columbia-Willamette Chapter membership on three different motions proposed for the American Society of Safety Professionals Bylaws. As written by President and Chair Rixio E Medina, CSP, CPP the three amendments to our Society Bylaws are summarized as:

  • Changing the title of Executive Director to Chief Executive Officer
  • Updates to the Nominations & Elections section
  • Remove the Bylaws committee as a standing committee

On September 20th at the membership meeting, House Delegates Getschow and Sakaguchi will share the history and future intent of these motions with the membership.  The executive committee voted to recommend support of these bylaw revisions barring new information or membership concerns.  Interested members can access the full e-motions by logging into their accounts and clicking on “About / House of Delegates” or by emailing the Chapter HODs via email links provided at