Proposed Changes to Chapter Bylaws Announced

Dec 11, 2019

Columbia-Willamette Chapter Proposed 2020-2022 Bylaws

Every odd year a committee selected by the President reviews the Chapter Bylaws and where needed changes are proposed.  The committee this year was chaired by Luke Betts.  Members of the committee include Aubrey Sakaguchi, Corinna Kupelwieser and Eric Fullan.  The proposed changes will be reviewed by Luke at the December 12 meeting.  The following documents are provided for your review on the website. Below are direct links to the documents

  • Clean copy of Draft Bylaws – click here
  • Tracked changes of proposed bylaws – click here
  • Summary document of proposed changes – click here


Voting on the proposed changes will be at the January membership meeting on January 9th in accordance with Article IX, Section 3.