Chapter News

2023 Membership Milestones

Join us in recognizing our ASSP Columbia Willamette Chapter members that are celebrating a membership milestone in 2023!

2023-2024 Election Results

We congratulate our 2023-24 Columbia-Willamette Chapter Board! Thank you to everyone for submitting nominations and voting in this important process.

Steven Frost
Caity Benston
Advisory Group:
Elena Capsuto
Delegate at Large:
Mariah Anderson
Brittany Johnston
Courtney Brose
Advisory Group:
Kyle DeHart
Santiam Section Chair:
Carl Halter
Vice President:
Nichole Guilfoy
Elena Estrada
Delegate at Large:
Soren Bjerregaard
Mt. St. Helens Section Chair:
Rob Dahl

2022 Membership Milestones

Please join us in recognizing the membership milestones our members have reached in 2022!


  • William Barnes
  • Peche Barteaux
  • Darryl Brooks
  • Jolene Burum
  • Amanda Davies
  • Samuel Dixson
  • Jason Dunton
  • Barte Hess
  • Michelle Muresan
  • Bryan Ortiz
  • Kushani Rodrigo
  • Leo Rodriguez
  • Mark Tipperreiter
  • Jamie Van Tuyl
  • Dana Bailey
  • Bobby Blanks
  • Mike Carroll
  • David Clemens
  • Lydia Diener
  • Erich Eyman
  • Roderick Michaud
  • Kimberly Henry
  • Nathan Taylor
  • Jake Teeter


  • Matthew Harris
  • Kevin Hernandez
  • Sally Koch
  • Donald Newman
  • Diana Lowe
  • Tony Brace


  • Donald Binzer
  • Eric Connelly
  • Mark Frisco
  • Michael Harris
  • Dede Montgomery
  • James Smoltz
  • Angie Wisher
  • John Carlson
  • Clark Hislop
  • Susan Knowles-Berry
  • Darrell Wyatt


  • Steve Eversmeyer
  • Michael Jacobs
  • Maureen McElroy
  • Myron Reyes
  • Judi Croft


  • Anita Jensen
  • Shannon Phillips


  • Lesli Johnson
  • Joseph Angyus
  • David Stolle


  • Mike Amodeo
  • Michael Reiner
  • Joseph Subitch


  • Bruce Poinsette
  • Ronald Fitzgerald


  • Steven Conkle
  • Hal Pashon

Membership Milestone – Awardees
Bruce Poinsette – 40yrs
Ronald Fitzgerald – 40yrs
Joseph Subitch – 35yrs
Michael Reiner – 35yrs
Mike Amodeo – 35yrs
David Stolle – 30yrs
Joseph Angyus – 30yrs
Lesli Johnson – 30yrs
Kimberly Henry – 5yrs
Jamie Van Tuyl – 5yrs
A $5 Starbucks gift card will be mailed to those listed here!

Chelsea Hicks Foundation

Chelsea’s Closet is a rolling dress-up closet that provides monthly dress-up parties for seriously ill children in children’s hospitals. Our goal is to bring a smile to their faces and joy to their hearts and have them forget – if just for a few moments – the struggles they are facing. The children have an opportunity to select a complete NEW* costume of their choice with accessories.  CHF hosts a party/fun event and a parade around the ward to show off the costumes.  For many of the kids this will be their one time out of their rooms for the day. Children unable to leave their rooms also have an opportunity to select a new costume, a craft project and a goody bag.

Current Donation Needs:


  • 0 – 6mo costumes any style but love the “body sack” versions so they easily fit on their legs and with a diaper.
  • 2T – 3T Princess and Superhero (Cinderella, batgirl, wonder woman)
  • 2T – 3T, 3T – 4T and 4-6 Dinosaur, Ninja or Superhero
  • Teen Onesie zip up front pajamas. All sizes
    • Anything silly like cow, panda, unicorn, minecraft, pokemon, harry potter, etc. They are sometimes referred to as union suits but are found in the pajama sections of Walmart, Target and Fred Meyer. These go really fast and are only out in stores until early November usually.


  • Ninja kits
  • Cozy blankets
  • Silly adult size slippers (for teens – they love fun slippers) 
  • Girls Legos
  • Teen color books
  • Fidget spinners
  • Spoke lights or spoke beads (for wheelchairs wheels- easiest to find as bicycle wheel decorations
  • Playing cards especially uno, skip bo, monopoly, phase, Farkle etc.

Make a Cash Donation:

It is because of your support that we are able to bring hope and

healing to seriously ill children through dress-up and play.

SPY Awards


The Columbia-Willamette Chapter honors a member each year with its Chapter “SPY” Safety Professional of the Year Award. The Chapter SPY is a long established annual award, intended to recognize a deserving Columbia-Willamette Chapter member for outstanding leadership and service in the Safety Profession. We rely on members to give props to other members who go the extra mile to promote safety and health.

 Applications are now available on our website. Completed applications are due March 28, 2023. Learn more and download the application.