Scholarships & Grants

Society Scholarships and Grants

The ASSP Society Foundation offers a number of scholarships and grants to university students and professionals active in the field. To find out more about these please visit the link below!

CWC Chapter Scholarships and Grants

University Student Opportunities

Our local CWC Chapter manages 2 different scholarships locally with the support of the Oregon State University Foundation. The 2 scholarships available are the ASSE Columbia-Willamette Chapter Leadership Award ($750.00) and the Walter G. Thorsell Memorial Scholarship ($1,000).

How Do I Apply for the 2 Scholarships?

  1. Fill out the application for the scholarships.
  2. Turn scholarship application and all required information into the Development Chair @

What is the Timeline for the Scholarships?

  1. Application open period is December 1st to February 1st.
  2. Award Recipients are notified by February 15th if they have won the scholarship(s).
  3. The Development Committee then works with the recipients university to disburse funds.

Professional Membership Due’s Grant

With COVID-19 continuing to effect our families and careers the chapter wanted to put together the opportunity to support our members with their membership dues. There are 2 avenues to take for hardship assistance. We ask that you first try Society’s option and if that does not provide the resources needed please then fill out our Chapters Application.

  1. Fill out Society’s Hardship Application
    1. The Society offers a year’s complimentary membership during a member’s unemployment that comes with all the benefits ASSP membership provides.
  2. If Society is unable to provide funding fill out the Chapters Grant Application for Dues Assistance
    1. The chapter has set aside an amount in the budget to help cover the baseline membership dues. Please fill out the grant application, if needed, and return to