Scholarships & Grants

Columbia-Willamette Chapter Scholarship and Award

The Columbia-Willamette Chapter manages two scholarships locally with the support of the Oregon State University Foundation. The scholarships are the ASSP Columbia-Willamette Chapter Leadership Award ($750) and the Walter G. Thorsell Memorial Scholarship ($1,000).

How Do I Apply for the Scholarships?

  1. Fill out the online application or request a PDF version from the Development Committee Chair at
  2. Submit online or email scholarship application and required information to the Development Committee Chair at

What is the Timeline for the Scholarships?

  1. Application period is open October 1st to end of February.
  2. Award recipients are notified by March 31st if they have won the scholarship(s).

National Society Scholarships and Grants

The ASSP Society Foundation offers a number of scholarships and grants to university students and professionals active in the field. To find out more about these please visit the link below!